IntroductionRules for pedestrians (1-35)Rules for users of powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters (36-46)Rules about animals (47-58)Rules for cyclists (59-82)Rules for motorcyclists (83-88)Rules for drivers and motorcyclists (89-102)Signals (103-112)Lighting requirements (113-116)Control of the vehicle (117-126)Lines and lane markings on the road (127-132)Multi-lane carriageways (133-143)General advice (144-158)General rules (159-161)Overtaking (162-169)Road junctions (170-183)Roundabouts (184-190)Pedestrian crossings (191-199)Reversing (200-203)Road users requiring extra care (204-225)Driving in adverse weather conditions (226-237)Waiting and parking (238-252)Motorways (253-273)Breakdowns and incidents (274-287)Road works, level crossings and tramways (288-307)The road user and the lawVehicle maintenance, safety and securityFirst aid on the roadYou and your bicycleMotorcycle licence requirementsMotor vehicle documentation and learner driver requirementsPenaltiesSafety code for new drivers
Download 'Light signals controlling traffic' (PDF, 80K)Download 'Signals to other road users' (PDF, 100K)Download 'Signals by authorised persons' (PDF, 123K)Download 'Traffic signs' (PDF, 475K)Download 'Road markings' (PDF, 715K)Download 'Vehicle markings' (PDF, 537K)